The LUXPERIA COLLECTIVE is a network of boutique Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) working harmoniously together.

Our team have been in the travel business for many years holding close relationships with general management professionals in hospitality while sourcing local and sustainable tour suppliers in each destination to bring our guests ultimate satisfaction.

We are dedicated to offering the greatest travel experiences to reward, delight and surprise our guests.

LUXPERIA COLLECTIVE is a group of mindful, conscientious and passionate travel providers who are young yet wise; inclusive to all – yet exclusive in service.


LUXPERIA COLLECTIVE’s raison d’etre is to grow our network of partners across the world to compete against corporatized mass market tourism. Tourism that is pre-set, standardized and en-masse bores us easliy so in contrast; we work individually with Travel Agent Partners around the world to understand their client needs.

To design and push our creative energies representing the destinations in a modern, innovative way that offer high experience, greater immersion to reward us in client happiness.

For our commercial agent partners: pricing, client safety and creativity in itinerary design remain at peak priority. We do this by offering:

  1. Custom itinerary and journey planning
  2.  A dedicated account manager to oversee each booking from proposal to service delivery
  3.  The chance to delve deeper via our network of trusted local expert operators
  4.  A competitive and experiential celebration of creative experiences throughout our destinations (for all budgets).
  5. Flexible booking, amendment and cancellation terms. 

LUXPERIA’s both brand and mission combines our team’s experience in the luxury travel sector to offer our guests and travel agent partners from around the world access to tailored experiences, concierge style travel design that is the highest calibre.

Our agile business model supporting locally-owned/internationally-managed, service-oriented SME DMC’s ensures competitive pricing is effective in the most commercial yet socially sustainable way for our local staff.